At what age can young childeren begin Training?


It is a common thought that young ones should not do any type of resistence work due to their growth plates becoming damaged by the external load. This however is a misguided thought, strength training with good form is not only safe, but is also helpful to prevent soft tissue injuries due to strain. So there is no real age for a child to start, the real issue is to whether they can follow directions or not and know how to behave in a group training enviroment without causing disruption to the other trainees. We will leave it up to you the parents to decide that or not!



What is your assessment like?


Our assessment has a few different parts to it and is composed of the Functional Movement Screen and or the SFMA then afterwards goes into a a break down of gait analysis, posture, sports specific drills, (such as throwing, batting etc.) muscle testing to find out where any issues are stemming from and athletic qualities assessments. (power, speed, endurance, strength.) This is then used to build a program that will amplify your strengths and make you a better athlete as a result!


For more information on the Functional Movement Screen, Click here. Also if you want to know in better detail what our screen is composed of drop us a line at escapefit@gmail.com



Who will be working with my son/daughter/etc?


We implement a group supervision format here at Escape Medford. As a result, each athlete will have the chance to interact with our entire staff of strength coaches during a typical training session. We make sure to introduce new clients to each and every staff member on the day of their initial assessment to ensure that they are comfortable with names and faces when they return to begin following an individualized training program.



Can a portion of my training materials be designed to be completed outside of Escape Medford?


Yes. As long as we are familiar with the equipment you have access to outside of our facility, we can prepare material to be completed at a gym closer to home. We are unable to email programs to clients prior to walking them through new training material in-person at Escape fitness and performance center.



How long is a typical training session?


While sessions are designed to be completed in roughly an hour, we encourage that clients budget 75-minutes to complete their training. If you have requested training materials to be completed outside of our facility, your first session on a new program will require 90-100 minutes to complete your training for that day and thoroughly walk through additional content.



Do I need to schedule my training sessions in advance?


Yes. We ask that all clients schedule their training sessions in advance to allow for us to appropriately staff each hour.



If I am out of shape can I still do the program?


Yes, we have modifications for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to your fitness level.



Is this program for everyone?


Yes. We work with everyone from professional athletes to soccer moms and everyone in between. Escape's program is individualized and scalable to all fitness levels to help you get extreme fitness results!


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