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Bill Aromando

"For the past four years I have been working out with Christian, to not only lose weight, but to reshape my physique as well. I have gone form 178 pounds to 146 pounds and definitely have visible proof of my workouts. I have achieved success in developing my upper body and now my goal is to do core body exercises to develop my abs. I have learned a lot of techniques using kettlebells, in addition to my routine workout, to achieve my desired results. My goal is to lose about 10 more pounds and to improve my midsection. I am confident, with the help of Christian, and some hard work, I will be successful.​"

Judy C ​

"I chose to join ESCAPE because it was smaller than those huge fitness centers and gyms, but certainly well equipped to handle what I need. I am pleasantly surprised by all the personal attention and the staff's genuine desire to help me. Working with a trainer has made losing 20lbs and being proud of my appearance a reality for me."

Jacqueline C

I've been a member of Escape Fitness-Medford for two years and have seen continuous growth in membership during this time. I agree with existing reviews which attribute such success to the friendliness, the quality of knowledge, and the individualized attention the staff as a whole dedicates to client needs at this excellent fitness facility. No doubt, the high level of staff professionalization evident at "Escape" has to be supported by apt leadership. Such leadership is in the hands of Christian Lee, founder and owner of the facility. In my own training with Christian, I feel my needs in the "rehab" category have been addressed with the same degree of vision and creativity, as are the needs of his accomplished athletes. In Christian's entrepreneurship role within "Escape," those qualities of vision and creativity are reflected in the establishment of a fitness center which fosters high levels of staff development, promotes a cohesive approach to training based on improved movement, and provides outreach into the community, to include sponsorship of family-oriented events. If such innovations make "Escape" the alternative to a big commercialized gym, they assure the facility's relevance to a membership which values interpersonal connectedness, finds inspiration in working closely with self-confident and highly skilled trainers, and appreciates exposure to the most up-to-date thinking with regard to full-function fitness. Such relevance can only grow stronger over the years ahead.


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