Why and How to Rotate for Sports Part 3

Over the last few weeks our posts have been geared towards why rotation in the athlete and human being is important as well as how to better develop this technique through mobility and stability work. (Click here to get these posts.)

This week's post will attempt to wrap up this topic and give you some ideas on how to train this movement and how to better apply it to your chosen sport and or life.

First, it is important to learn how to rotate properly to increase your power and efficiency and to possibly prevent overuse injuries in the movement chain. The first step is to be aware that this rotation needs to come from your hips by internally rotating through them and by pushing the floor away as you do. This will spare your low back form over rotating which could lead to all kinds of back issues and pain as well it being a weaker way to accomplish this task.

After you worked on and develop that awareness, you will want to develop stability with the hip to shoulder separation. That is where this next movement comes in to both develop core stability and the hip shoulder separation that is needed for power and effective rotation.

Then after you learn this month well enough that both sides are even, you can move into developing power in this motion by using the drill below.

After you have come to own this drill the next progression is given below it is being demonstrated by one of our athletes Anthony.

All of these drills have one thing in common, they require that you learn to separate your hips and shoulders from each other. To do this last one it takes it a step further and requires that you turn your hip first and then your shoulder to do this drill with speed as well. So that is why in this sequence it is last and the most advanced of the three.

These drills are extremely useful to develop and improve rotation with power development at the same time. So give them a shot and contact us for further information and for proven training programs that will make your life and performance better.


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