Perseverance, should I keep on?

Perseverance! ahh! What an awesome word, we associate this word with those who have overcome something. Rightfully so, I chose to add a picture of Muhammad Ali, because he truly is a man who overcame. We are talking about a man who was on the top of the world. He was undefeated champion of the world and was drafted by the U.S. army. However due to his faith refused to join the army and ended up in jail. He was released a while later and began to fight again and while attempting to regain the title lost to Joe Frazier. However because of his perseverance; regained his title and gave us some years of good fights. Now think about a world where he didn't act like that. Go ahead take a minute:)Start your post here...


As we know the new year is here and we all have resolutions or hopefully better yet a goal and plan to get to that goal.(i.e. training). I say a goal and a plan because oftentimes as new trainees we get very excited about trainee and then over do it and burnout. I have seen this so many times and can predict this issue pretty accurately in people. Just suffice it today to say balance is essential to get to your goals and keeping on.

So how do we avoid burnout, over-fatigue, and all failure, I think that this varies slightly from person to person as far the things that motivate us and keep us motivated. However I want to share some good tips that have helped my clients and I.

You probably already don't like where you are at in your body composition and fitness level and have decided to change. If that is the case we have our motivation to start, And here comes our first issue you either make a change in your body and "pleatau" or make zero change and get frustrated and both usually lead to quitting. If that is your experience in you training then you will want to study and or find a qualified instructor to help you with your progression and programming. Also don't be afraid to search for and try out different training styles on your self. Not every approach works for everyone all of the time; so don't give up just adjust.

Now as far as burnout goes there are some pretty easy solutions you can apply to your training that will help you avoid it.

No.1-Be Patient; I know with our fast paced lifestyle and things like microwaves and fast food that I am asking for a lot. However remember what it was like going through school and having to earn the next step. Training needs to be treated the same if you desire to have longevity in your fitness. So how do you progress then? Simple when what is hard becomes easy then you move on to the next step. Or earn the next step!

No. 2-Rest; If you are training to progress you are overloading you body and this leads to all kinds of effects in the body. So it needs to recover in order to make progress safely and surely. So get your sleep 6-8 hours a night and take a walk or light jog on your non training days, clean your house do yard work , etc. Also eat properly to get the vitamins you need to put back that you took out through training.

No 3-have realistic expectations; Everyone is different and unique in their own way, my strengths aren't yours and yours aren't mine. So you may need more time on certain moves and levels than I do or so on, So do you and don't compare yourself to others.

Let me conclude by saying that you will need to view your training as a journey. Celebrate every sucess you make though it may be little in your eyes. Because it is one step closer to your goal of a new you. Also you will need to stay focused on your goal and continue to move towards it step by step clean up your nutrition little by little and enjoy the ride. Happy new year and happy trails:)


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