Meet our Athlete and Member of the Month: Escape Fitness Medford NJ

Athlete of The Month

December 2016

Jake Kennealy


Jake is a multi-sport athlete that has been training here at Escape for almost a year now. Jake had hard time adjusting to his body because he grew so much recently. Through hard work, dedication, and support from his family he has since increased in strength, speed, power, stability, mobility, and other athletic qualities while losing over 20 pounds of fat.
Jake understands the important value of being here at ESCAPE and it is not about just becoming a great athlete. He loves his mom, dad, younger brother, and learning to respect his family. Most importantly he is working on loving himself first and becoming the best version of himself. He is continuously trying to better himself in all aspects of his life. It is truly very rewarding to see young athlete grow strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. We are so proud of Jake’s transformation and excited about his new season with his baseball team NJ Pride 2017. Keep up the good work Jake! Young athletes like you make us love what we do!

Client of the month

December 2016

Kristen Uccello


Here she is again! We have never done this before at ESCAPE but we could not stay quiet about her work ethic and dedication. She is a mom of two active boys and also runs a home business. She was suffering from her knee injuries from playing in college and Olympic level field hockey. Due to her knee injuries she had to take a break from working out. She has trusted our staff and decided to give another shot at getting in shape to claim her health back. She joined us three months ago, and her results were off the chart. She lost now over 30 pounds, lost over 8% body fat. She is now on her second stage of her plan to concentrating on her nutritional habits with coach Christian. She is looking stronger and healthier. The next goal is to lose another 30 before the school is over. Go Kristen we are so proud of you. Keep working hard!

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