How to Develop Strength and Fitness At Any Age


Fitness success and achieving goals is completely and entirely possible at any age. As a strength coach and personal trainer, I have both helped and seen people of any age, class and gender get tremendous fitness results and get to their goals with the proper training and programming.

However, I have also seen individuals that have not as well. What is the difference then? Is there some kind of magical component between those who have developed high levels of fitness and those who haven't?

This post will briefly help answer those questions and give you some ways that you can develop advanced fitness and get the results that you want from your investment in a gym and your health.

Principle one, Overload:

In order for your get results from your fitness, you must overload your body. Overloading simply means that you have to do a bit more than your present tolerance allows. In other words, you must be uncomfortable as you train. As you do your body adapts to it and as a result you get stronger and more conditioned. However, there is a needed component on order for that to happen, which brings me to next point.

Principle two, Rest and recover:

If you overload your body, you need to recover. Not just your body, but also your central nervous system (which gets impacted from intense workouts) as well. This needs to come in the form of: sleep, stretching, foam rolling and low intensity cardio. You also need to do things that you enjoy as well to help in this process, if you like gardening, do that. Just don't kill yourself and it will help you recover.

Principle three, Nutrition.

This one can be the hardest to do and it is for mist people. But as it goes with sleeping and recovery, we need to put back in our body what has been used in training. Think about it, if you try to run your car on an empty tank, your car will stop working. Just as it is with gas in your car food is to our bodies.

The things that you should eat are protein and good amounts of it, complex or whole food carbs and healthy fats form sources such as: olive oil, fish oils, nuts and fish.

Putting all of these things together is not an option, but vital to your success in fitness. Below our member Carolyn who is an example of these points got to her second ever chin-up as a result of following them. She is 72 years young and continuing to kill it in her training. If you follow them like her you can be successful in spite of age!

Carolyn E.'s 2nd pull up ever!


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