A few ways to eat better

Fat-loss although challenging to accomplish is not a complicated endeavor. (Or at least it shouldn't be!) In fact all it really takes is a basic knowledge of nutrition, which most already possess, believe it or not. You see, we know things like blueberries and apples are good for you. Yet we choose to often not eat those things that are good and give you benefits form their consumption and replace it with things that don't offer a health benefit in return for eating them.

Now there are a lot of reasons why people do eat foods that aren't very healthy often. But the main on that this post will focus on is the brain and its role in this process of fat-loss.


If you have ever learned anything about very basic neurology, then you will know about the limbic system of the brain and how eating certain foods that may not be so good but that you have habitually eaten leads to a feeling of euphoria or reward. As a result the eater becomes dependent on that feeling, leading to them eating not so great choices too often.

This phenomenon also leads to a lack of pleasure or reward form eating healthier foods and choosing the wrong ones over the better more healthy choices. Even in spite of all the aforementioned knowledge that pretty much everyone possess in our culture and lives.

Now that you are aware of this aspect of the brain and its role in fat-loss and eating better, we can begin to incorporate some strategies to eat better, lose fat and get more results from their training.

1. The first step is to realize that you don't have to do everything at once and that it will be ineffective if you try to. So instead realize that getting the body/ health that you want is a process and will take time if you want permanent change. Research tells us that if we want to change some habits we will be more successful if we do it as a process.

You see if you change one thing, you can be 90% successful, if you try to do two, you have a 30% chance of success. Now if you try to do 3 or more, 0%. If you are like me you want to be successful, if so than it will be wise to make one change at a time, then own it and move on to something else to increase your chance of success and to minimize the opportunity to fail.

My advice pick a thing such as drinking more water, then do it until it is a habit. (Three weeks) Then move onto something else and so-on, Now realize also that it will be a challenge and that to may feel weird, but if you continue doing it, you will train your brain to start to make it something that is rewarding and that you will enjoy.


2. The next useful tool or habit is food recalls or journals. Simply do your very best to write down everything that you eat, to give you an objective feedback loop so that you can see and then deal with the reality of your nutrition or lack thereof. Thus step brings me to my next point which is: intuitive eating or awareness.

3. We often go through life in way that has no kind of awareness of the things that we choose to do almost daily. So as you journal, pick an item to change in accordance with step one, then if and when you do eat or drink it be aware of how you feel afterwards and while you are eating it. Doing so will go a long way into helping you to stop even a more difficult habit, because you will realize how horrible it actually makes you feel. Maybe it also makes your breath stink and so-on, just remember that bad aspect and you will go a long in in stopping.

Do you remember the pleasure center again? Your brain will not give you a reward signal to something that is gross!!!!!


4.The last step that can help you to eat better is to understand why, you may eat poorly in the first place. Were you mad, sad, lonely and bored. Find something to replace these triggers with to help you overcome your bad habit of not so good eating.

Putting these points together takes some effort and time and you may even fail at times. Just keep plugging them in and building awareness and as a result training your brain to reward your new found good habits. If you do these few simple things in a process way, you will be finally successful in your fitness/ fat-loss goals!


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