5 Reasons Why You Should Train With Kettlebells


“What is that thing that looks like a kettle?” asked one of my clients as she saw the Kettlebell that I brought in. My answer was well… you have it half right. This was a few years ago and the only movement that I knew to teach from Kettlebell lifting back then was the swing. Man, did I teach it because, I was so excited to be able to share this efficient fat burning tool with all of my students. I can remember some of my trainees saying “oh no, not kettlebells again!” Then there was- “you really love those things don’t you?!” Fast forward a few years and I am even more convinced of the power of Kettlebell training to transform the fitness levels of its users. This post will give you some very good reasons (5 in fact) why you should be training with kettlebells.

Reason 1. Kettlebells Are Proven To Burn High Amounts Of Calories In Short Periods Of Time.

The average gym goer spends way too much time training. Not only is that bad for your life, but it is also bad for your body. You may not be aware of it, but hormones have a lot more to do with fat loss and getting the look that you want than just plain old calories burned. Kettlebells used properly can meet both of those requirements in less time. The kettlebell swing and snatch are proven to burn .159 calories per pound per minute with the right intensity*. ( Go ahead do the numbers) So the next time that you feel that you need to run for miles upon endless miles and for countless hours,(unless you really want to) grab a kettlebell and start swinging and blast fat away in less time. Then enjoy the extra time that you will have left for other important things!


Reason 2. Kettlebells Will Sculpt A Knockout Butt and Forge A Lean Midsection.

The main drivers of most kettlebell movements are the glutes. So as we do swings we are working those muscles in a way that will create major development and strength in our backsides. Also on the top of the swing the abs are used as a “brake” when we brace at the top of the movement. I often hear my clients say “ I feel it in my abs!” which makes everyone very happy. Bye-bye useless potentianlly spinal damaging crunches, hello kettlebell swings!


Reason 3. Kettlebells Do Not “Beat You Up” As Badly As Many Other Training Tools!

Training with high intensity(loading) causes mental fatigue. So if you are doing a lot with heavy barbells or dumbbells- you will need a lot more recovery time. Kettlebells are usually lighter weights ( even the heaviest bell for the strongest people are way lighter than their max weights.) so that they don’t beat you up as much and the result is more frequent, intense sessions. This makes kettlebells a useful fat loss/conditioning tool,leading to better results quicker. This is a big part of why it is a no brainer to achieve the body you have always wanted but haven’t been able to get!

Reason 4. Kettlebells Build Muscle
Building muscle isn’t some kind of mysterious enigma only given to the “elite” and not to the commoner. Building muscle is mostly a process that involves training with time under tension, the right intensity,rest and proper nutrition. Using kettlebells to accomplish the first two is rather easy, especially when you earn (through practice) the ability to train with two kettlebells. This will give you the right loading to stimulate the body and produce the hormones needed to chisel out of stone the body that you want!


Reason 5. Kettlebells Are Simple To Use And Will Make You Strong!
Contrary to the belief of many- kettlebells are pretty easy to learn and use with the proper instruction of a qualified/certified coach. A person that knows what they are doing can have you swinging with safe form quickly and start you on the journey to your goals. In addition to all of the awesome benefits given above there are many others as well, such as making your heart strong, becoming more resilient under stress and one of my favorites getting stronger! Kettlebells also come in various weights and the different movements will give you a continual challenge as you move up in your fitness levels. This will ensure your continous progress in strength and fat loss as well as keeping you motivated and focused on getting to your goals! Hurray for Kettlebells!

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