5 Reasons to get stronger

Strength training and getting stronger seems to have a bad name in the world and sometimes even in the world of fitness. Strong people are often seen as stupid meat heads that possess the thinking capacity of an amoeba and only know how to "lift heavy objects and put them down again." Yet the truth of the need to develop strength isn't acknowledged or the or the benefits of strength expressed. This post will talk about some of the benefits of strength training and hopefully motivate you to begin to pursue it at set times in your training.

Reason 1 : It can help be safer in sport and life

There are times that individuals get hurt while playing a sport or simply just doing their daily activities due to not being strong enough to hold a position . Then there is the issue with a muscle in a movement pattern not being strong enough and it straining as a result of the activity where the injury took place.

Strength work and getting stronger can a long way in preventing these issues and make them a less common occurrence in the life of the athlete or individual. As well as being strong can help a person endure the stresses of sport and life in a more efficient way leading to less stress induced fatigue.

Reason 2: It increases your ability to overcome resting inertia

If you remember High School Physics, you remember Newton's second law of motion. That law is simply states that it takes greater force to overcome the weight of an objects that is resting weight or mass.

Strength training properly executed increases this ability in athletes and can help them move faster, jump higher and to become more agile.


Reason 3: Helps you absorb force

Building and muscle and strength are closely connected and they both can help an athlete better absorb the impact associated with their sport. Better absorbing impact in sport goes a long way in preventing fatigue and helping better prepare a person prevent injury.

Reason 4: Helps you maintain movement quality

This reason has the backing up of the other reasons.

Reason 5: Provides the platform for power and sport specific work

As I stated earlier, force is what is needed to overcome resistance of an object whether it be your body or an external object. If you do it quickly, that is power. So to increase power, you must increase force.

In the world of strength and conditioning or in fitness this is done by lifting heavy weights for low reps with longer rest periods. Then applying that strength to building power with specific moves such as Olympic lifts, jumps and dumbbell power moves.


The preceding reasons are a few that good ones why one should get stronger. As always, the reasons are not complete and can vary from person to person. We do know however that just about every individual who works out should get stronger to help them progress their fitness and make to make them better long-term.


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