5 Fitness Myths Escape Medford Fitness Centers

We all have heard myths in the past from the myths of the old east to present day ghost stories and so-on. But maybe you are or aren't aware that there are myths in our present day fitness world as well, that unlike bathing your baby in the river Styx makes you invulnerable to attacks, actually sound true.

Some of these myths that will be addressed in a brief and scientific way are as follows:

1. Muscle weighs more than fat
2. You need to eat frequently or your metabolism will slow down
3. You have to exercise for long periods of time to be fit
4. You cannot get bigger without steroids
5. You have to go "all out" each session to see results.


Myth one: Muscle weighs more than fat:

(Breath in) One thing that we need to understand about weight whether it be pounds, or grams that a measure is always that measure. So since we are using pounds as an example, a pound is always a pound; (Hmm profound) it is the same with muscle and fat. However, due to the density of muscle and how it may be placed over your body, a pound of muscle is much smaller and as a result will take up less space than the amount fat that weighs the same.


Myth two: If you don't eat frequently, your metabolism will slow down.

I am not sure where even to start with this one. But's let's look at the science behind metabolism and what it does to better understand why the above statement is a myth.

First of all, your metabolism is not just your use of calories to live and be active, but also your body's ability to stay alive.

Second, it has two parts: Voluntary and involuntary.

The voluntary part is your activity levels, no matter if it is exercising at the gym, yard work, chasing and playing with your kids and so-on.

Involuntary is simply how many calories you burn for your heart, lungs and so-on to work. This has a lot to do with how much muscles you have as well as your hormones. Now digestion has a part in this and you burn calories to help break foods down. Which in part is where this myth has come from. Just realize that it is not that many and if you eat more than you use a day, your body stores that energy as fat leading to weight gain of the wrong kind (fat).

So as you can how often or when you eat has nothing to do with how fast your metabolism is, but building muscle, making sure your hormones are balanced by eating properly, balancing your work, rest and fun. As well as moving often and exercising two to 4 days a week.

That is how you keep your metabolism up and burning calories and if you want to lose fat, you cannot escape the fact that you simply have to eat less than you use a day over the weeks until you get to your desired body fat or weight level. Tracking your calories can help a ton in this process and help you make the changes that you need and to not over eat daily.

Now eating frequently when done properly and not overeating can help you control your blood sugars and could help you not overeat at any given meal. But there are of course other ways to lose fat as long as they involve eating less and well, they will work.

Myth 3: You need to exercise for long periods to lose fat.

Fat loss is simply a construct of moving more and eating less as well as better as previously stated. Although longer workouts can help burn more calories, they also can mess up your hormones and as a result keep you from burning the fat that you want long term. (Also what happen when life dictates that you can no longer work out for as long.) You rather want to work hard enough to make your body change and try to keep each session to under an hour to keep your hormones at the best levels. Then focusing on once again your food and how much you eat daily.

Myth 4: You cannot get bigger without steroids.

Although many people who are able to grow their muscles larger do use a form of steroids, not all do. You see developing larger muscles is a result of training specifically for that goal or by getting super strong over time. Most of them time, individuals who would like to grow do not, simply do not train hard enough, eat well enough or recover adequately.

So although steroids can make you big quickly, you don't not need to them to build muscle. Train hard enough, get your protein and recover like a champ.

Myth 5: You have to “go all out" on each session to see results.

This can sound logical and right but it isn't grounded in sound exercise physiology or biology. You see our workouts need to overload our bodies and need to stimulate our system in order for us to get results from our training. In other words, you must do a bit more than you are used to at this moment. Yet, there is a need for balance in this principle. You see you also need to be able to recover from this stress in order to see change as well.

So if you overreach too often, you will end up actually cause yourself to regress and will most likely end up injured as a result.

Our advice, have hard days followed by easier days, get your sleep (6 to 8 hours) and eat whole foods in addition to making sure that you are get enough protein in when you eat.

It is our hope that this post has helped you better understand how this whole fitness thing works and frees you up to actually better follow a reasonable, science based, effective fitness program that will keep you healthy and looking good for years to come while enjoying your life.


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