3 Exercises That Will Improve Your Fitness and Performance


Fitness and being fit means different things to everyone. To some it is simply ascetics. To others movement, while others such as myself it is strength and conditioning. In fact, if you have time one day ask a few people that you know what being fit means to them and you may be surprised the answers that you get from them.

Today's post is about improving an important quality that everyone needs but they may not know that they do. That quality is proper movement and improving it or maintaining it once you have an established baseline. These exercises are called self-limiting activities and demand that you do them well, so you may not be able to do a lot of volume with them at least initially.

These three moves are the Get-up, various carries, especially overhead and the bottom's up carry and finally jumprope.

This post will give you and little bit about these exercise forms and a brief tutorial on how to do them.

Exercise 1:

The Turkish Get-up:

This movement or series of movements is an awesome way to develop strength, mobility, stability and body awareness.


The Get up is not a sit-up. Instead it is more of a roll over onto your hip, followed by a press up with the down arm. Then a "post" to your hand wherein you get your upper body off the ground.

Step two:


Lift your hip. There are two ways to go about this, one you can bridge your hips up as Moses does in this video or you can lift your hips up a bit and drag your leg back. We usually recommend the later for beginners and for a progression work into the bridge.

Step three:


If you have done this properly, you should be in a tri-pod position, with your hand and arm in line with your hip and your knees each at 90 degrees and your weight on your hip. This is a very stable position, so if you are wobbly, you most likely haven't gotten into this position and will need to practice this spot and get it down before you move on for safety and performance reasons.

Step four:
Hips extension to kneel.

This step is the last one before you stand up with the weight overhead. From the try-pod position, you extend your hips or press them forward until you are in a kneeling position. From there, you get on rail road tracks or have your legs in line with each other. Finally in this step, you stand up by driving your front heel through the floor.

Throughout this whole process, you will want to keep your arm in line with your to create a line of power and stability.

Step five to finish:

Simply reverse all of the steps in the same way and with the same body positions as when you stood up.

That friends in a nut shell is how to do the Get-up and to reap all of its benefits.


Exercise 2:

Overhead carries and bottom's up carries

All loaded carries are awesome and are very useful for, strength, conditioning, grip and core work and so-on. But these two are some of the most difficult ones to do and demand near perfection to do them.

The overhead carry.

This one requires good shoulder mobility to do these safely and effectively, you also need to create the same line with your arm as you did with the Get-up.

This corrective exercise helps to improve posture and coordination by demanding body awareness. Immediately the body can feel improper movements with a weighted overhead carry, so quick adjustments can be made to do this exercise comfortably. The abdominals and the shoulder are isometrically contracted throughout the walk to improve strength. Do this on both shoulders to reduce imbalances.

Bottom's up carries:

The video below shows you how to do the farmer's carry, as well as how to correct most issues that may happen while learning how to do them. It also covers how to do the bottoms up carry and holds.

This exercise strengthens wrists, core and challenges the brain with its complexity. If you are a beginner to fitness or are nee to carries, then start with the Farmer's carry and progress into the bottom's up variation over time.

Exercise 3

Jump rope:

Not only is jumping rope an excellent way to condition and to increase elasticity, it is also an incredible tool to ensure movement quality as you do those two things. Think about it, if you lose your posture or position or try to compensate and get lazy on jump rope, it will correct you by you missing the rope, or it hitting you.

In closing, fitness is more than just output and lifting, but challenging yourself to keep form as you develop work capacity and strength lose fat and so-on these exercises can help you do just those things as you "work on your fitness!"


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