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Matt Pinto

I've been working out with Patti Ann since 2010. When I first started with her, high intensity sessions with weights, cardio, and boxing were normal. I despised the jump rope we'd do to keep our heart rates up. I hated Tabata training (if you never tried it you must at least once). I'd leave the gym exhausted, dripping with sweat. I was in great cardiovascular shape and felt great. In 2011 I had two major health scares. The first was in October when I was diagnosed with testicular cancer which required surgery. It interrupted my training groove for almost 6 weeks, and when I started back I was unable to do much. It took me at least a month to work my way back to my pre-surgical fitness level.

Then, just as I felt back to normal I had health scare number two in February of 2012. I was diagnosed with a congenital heart issue that had been there my entire life but went undiagnosed. It's called a bicuspid aortic valve and a thoracic aortic aneurysm and it requires open heart surgery to repair it once it gets to a certain level.Fortunately I'm not at that level yet and have not had surgery. My exercise regimen had to change dramatically to avoid making the aneurysm worse or even cause it to rupture. No more hardcore cardio, no more lifting heavy weights. Matter of fact, I'm restricted to lifting no more than 85 lbs. and no high intensity cardio that raises my heart too high. I also have to take a medication to lower my blood pressure (which was normal to begin with) so some exercise movements can make me dizzy pretty easily.

When this all went down I slipped into a depression. I gave up the gym entirely and told Patti Ann I no longer needed a trainer, after all, do I need someone to show me how to lift 20 lb. dumbbells? She understood, as I think she was even a little scared to train me because of the heart issue. But, after a month and too much self pity, I snapped out of it. Around that same time, Patti Ann texted me to say she thinks we can make my workouts safe yet challenging. So, in April of 2012 I started a new training regimen at Escape. It is still intense, still exhausting at times, and I still feel great when I leave...It's just been altered to meet my exercise restrictions. Probably the most important thing Patti Ann provides me is variety in my workout. No two are the same and she always finds a wrinkle to make it fun and challenging.

Sometimes I laugh and tell Patti Ann I want to get a t-shirt made that says "I'm not really this weak, I just have a heart problem" since sometimes I'm using much lighter weighs that everyone else at the gym. But to be honest, I think I'm in better shape now than when I worked out with heavier weights. I put more emphasis on core strength, balance, and flexibility. I now worry less about how much weight I can lift. I'm leaner and happier and healthier.

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Bill Aromando

"For the past four years I have been working out with Christian, to not only lose weight, but to reshape my physique as well.  I have gone form 178 pounds to 146 pounds and definitely have visible  proof of my workouts.  I have achieved success in developing my upper body and now my goal is to do core body exercises to develop my abs.  I have learned a lot of techniques using Kettle Bells, in addition to my routine workout, to achieve my desired results.  My goal is to lose about 10 more pounds and to improve my midsection.  I am confident, with the help of Christian, and some hard work, I will be successful.​"

Vince Dombrowski

"Having tried every diet imaginable, I was a yo-yo dieter all my life. In 2005 I had a heart attack which wasn't enough to inspire real change in life style or habits. While watching The Biggest Loser my daughter called me, in tears, saying that neither of us could continue living as we were. This was the day that changed my life.

We began with Weight Watchers and changed our diets.
I started with simple steps like walking around the neighborhood. Running from tree to tree was the extent of my progression. Our big moment came Thanksgiving day when we challenged ourselves to run 4 miles on the treadmill. We did it!


Now we knew we could do anything we set our minds to.
THE BROAD STREET RUN in Philadelphia became our next goal. We looked to Christian for help in preparing for the 10 mile race.

My life has changed for the better and for good. In 2011 I ran a full marathon and so many half marathons that I no longer keep track. 91 lbs later, I'm happier and healthier than I have ever been."

Rick Arturo

"I joined ESCAPE in January 2012 after realizing that although I 'worked out' frequently, I was losing ground in my battle to stay in shape.  I felt that my workouts were not focused or intense and that I had no real goals other than "going to the gym."  That all changed when Christian Lee paired me up with trainer Alisha Neville.  Alisha assessed the areas that I needed to focus on and created a custom training regime for me that was nothing like my old, ineffective workouts.  'Functional Training; used kettle bells, ropes and balance balls - tools I had never used before.  I was challenged and energized in ways I hadn't thought possible.  Weekly one-on-one training, coupled with core and body sculpting classes, were instrumental in transforming my body.  I went from 234 pounds in january to 197 in June and competed in my first triathlon in July! The results were simply amazing but when I look back, I realize that ESCAPE is not your average fitness center.  The staff, cuture and passion at ESCAPE is highly motivational and contagious.

"While visiting from out of town, I attended [ESCAPE'S] Core Power and Body Sculpting classes.  I consider myself to be a fit individual, but still found the classes to be extremely challenging and rewarding.  I was even more impressed with the way [the instructor] was able to keep the class challenging yet accessible to all fitness levels. I would certainly recommend the classes to anyone looking to get fit."     -WG

"ESCAPE is such a great gym!  I went there because of some health issues, and my trainer (Moses) worked with me and I just received a very good report from the doc.  Thank you Moses! Not only did I gain my health back, lost weight, and feel great - I've also met some very nice people who work at Escape. I love it! Everyone should at least try ESCAPE, you'll love it as much as I do and you'll never stop going."

-Bonnie R.


"I've returned to training sessions with Christian after a two year break.  The last time I worked with him I saw results, but most importantly I was able to achieve my goals in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.  Since I've been working with Christian again the same can be said! The new facilities at ESCAPE are amazing, and I highly recommend anyone looking to lose weight or get back in shape to seek the services available at ESCAPE."
- Laurie H.

"I chose to join ESCAPE because it was smaller than those huge fitness centers but certainly well equipped to handle what I need. I am pleasantly surprised by all the personal attention and the staff's genuine desire to help me. Working with a trainer has made losing 20lbs and being proud of my appearance a reality for me."

- Judy C ​