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Team Training

Escape's Team Training sessions are great for reinforcing your "perfect practice"! Actively participate with the awesome members of ESCAPE. Have fun, be challenged, and get excited about your fitness. Our instructors will motivate and support your transformation with exciting classes and serious skills training! Adaptable to any fitness level, Team Training sessions provide new progressions and add variety to your fitness routine. What an awesome opportunity to meet members, make friends, stay focused and get serious results!

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A fusion of yoga sequences and kettlebell exercises that complement each other to give you a balanced total body workout. Programming will vary week to week to build on the classes before and introduce the body to new movement patterns. An innovative way to get strength, flexibility, and relaxation all in 60 minutes and ONLY at Escape! (Basic kettlebell experience is recommended)


Everyday your body performs under stress and load from training and daily living. ARY is designed with hardworking Escapees in mind! This class will help your tight and tired body recover and give you the break your body needs to rest and reset. We focus on destressing, mobilizing, and stabilizing. YFA includes rejuvenating standing and balance poses as well as relaxing floor stretches. Replenish your body’s oxygen and neuromuscular reserves with restorative breathing techniques. 


Strong is the new skinny! This bodyweight training class designed to keep you lean not bulky. Alisha has specifically selected exercises and progressions to increase strength, mobility, and stability. Don't be fooled by the lack of equipment, you will get an amazing workout just using yourself as your weight. Get the body you want and be prepared to be stronger than you thought possible! 

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