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Escape Classes are great for reinforcing your "perfect practice"! Actively participate with the awesome members of ESCAPE. Have fun, be challenged and get excited about your fitness. Our instructors will motivate and support your transformation with exciting classes and serious skills training! Adaptable to any fitness level, Classes provide constant progressions and variety to your routine. What an awesome opportunity to meet members, make friends, stay focused and show off your RockStar side.

* Classes are included in the Escape Membership.
  Non-members may drop into a class for a fee.

  Schedule subject to change.

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Every body is uniquely designed for movement. Sometimes our movement patterns are interupted and altered through over use, injury or lack of mobility. In Escape Foundation you are introduced to the foundational movements required to progress on the Band System.
Step by step instruction for improvement of mobility, stability and strength. 


Strong bodies are built from strong foundations. Primal Strength will transform your body through basic powerhouse move such as KB and barbell Cleans, Squats, Presses and Deadlifts. Train like a beast for total transformation. Learn to master better movement so you can move with strength and purpose.


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Are you having fun yet? PM is all about having fun and enjoying movement again! It’s fun. It’s functional! It’s fitness in a natural way. Bodyweight training and dynamic joint mobility blended together for a class that reintroduces you to the joy of movement.



Performance training Escape style - come show off your hard work! This is your opportunity to put your weekly practice into action. KB and Barbell complexes serve as the base for high energy conditioning and explosive performance.



Lay a flawless foundation to your Escape beginning in Escape Basics. Perfect form while working towards band levels Blue and Pink. Movements such as crawling, swings, squatting and planks will keep you on track to becoming stronger, more mobile and better prepared to reach our next band levels. 


A hybrid class for all levels offering modifications for chair or mat based practices. We focus on synchronizing breath and movement in order to increase mobility and blood flow while calming the mind.


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Scorpions, Lizards, Bears? Oh my! Inchworms, frog jumps and so much more…its time to get primal! Hard Core is 45 minute of supercharging for your core stability and strength. Through a fusion of primal moves and core training this class builds the foundation required to move on to the next level.

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Props required! Break out the Battle Ropes, Kettlebells and Sleds! Monday Fun is the newest addition to our lineup! Better conditioning comes through perfect practice and pushing past your personal limits. Now have fun with intensity, purpose and performance.



Bring out the RockStar in you! Great music, fast paced and high energy this class rocks! A full body workout with Kettle bells, body weight and cardiovascular endurance training RockStar Body Sculpting is the place to be for all the components of fitness in one awesome class. Have fun with your morning routine and become a strong sleek RockStar!  



Are you ready to sweat? Insanity is packed with plyometric drills and nonstop intervals of strength, power and resistance training. Get that push you need to break your limits when you join us for Insanity. No equipment or weights needed. Best suited for those who have mastered Primal Strength, Fusion, Move and Escape Basics.



Not your typical yoga, POWER FLOW YOGA  offers the beginner and advanced yogis (as well as the rest of us) an opportunity to stretch, lengthen and flex every muscle through powerful moves and poses while gently releasing tension and stress. Carve out an hour of your week for some restoration and reconnect your body and mind for whole health and wellness.